Rubber-coated Rollers

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Rubber coating have been produced in the rubber factory in Hradec Králové for almost 70 years. We offer coating based on all kings of rubbers. With special applications, we closely cooperate with renowned rubber material suppliers.

Our rubber-coated rollers can preferably be used in the following industries:

  • Printing industry,
  • Wood-processing industry,
  • Textile industry,
  • Paper and pulp industry,
  • Plastic foil production,
  • Metal-sheet finishing plants,
  • Long-distance belt conveying,
  • Other industries.

Our technologic equipment allows production of roller coating with the following parameters:

  • Up to the total roller weight of 12 500 kg,
  • With the total length up to 9 000 mm,
  • Up to the diameter or 1 800 mm (ground coating up to 990 mm),
  • Cylindrical, cambered (selectable) or conical grinding,
  • Grooved or with a customized pattern),
  • Free coating (collars) without any metal core.


Based on technical documents delivered, we can supply complete rollers including metal cores. Along with the production of new roller coatings we also provide the related services such as removing old coating, roll neck protections, etc.

Providing advisory services by our experts to help you solve your rubber-coated rollers application problems go without saying.

Rubena a.s. has introduced and put into practice the Quality Control System according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.